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First of Ankara Brand Festival has been realized with great interest. More than 60 spokesmen spoke to approximately 7 thousand participants with their inspiring ideas


Inspiring people, leading ideas meet in Ankara!

"Ankara Brand Festival” is implemented on 7-8-9 December under leadership of Ankara Chamber of Commerce

Ankara is the branding capital of economy together with its powerful brands

Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) which has made Ankara as attraction center for investors with “Powerful Economy, Growing Turkey” brings a magnificent symbol to city of unique symbols which fits to its own brand value. “Ankara Brand Festival” (AMF) will be implemented on 7-8-9 December 2015 in Ankara Congresium by hosting of Ankara Chamber of Commerce and it will be a brand festival having broadest participation and international property which was held in Ankara. Ankara Brand Festival which is foreseen to be realized every year and aims meeting with youth who are future of business world will say Brand City Ankara with its branding values and will open the gates of city to world and will share vision and methods for carrying brands of Ankara to world more powerfully.

Inspiring Names, Brand Ideas meet in sessions

Top level foreign and Turkish Spokesman which has become individual brands will make speeches related to branding, activating innovative ideas, successful brands of Turkey at global level, importance of innovative marketing and brand and patent and licensing over brand permanency, effects of radio advertisements and communication over branding. AMF will present a dynamic working platform where 10.000 participants are expected, and managers of global and national successful brand managers, international mark strategists, inspiring names of manufacturing, industry, health, tourism, construction, contracting, aviation and defense industry, food, press, media, sports, art world will be heart

Fair area and exhibitions are opened visit of Ankara People

While Spokesman who are very valuable are hosted simultaneously in Gordion Auiditorium having 3100 capacity and Angorya halls having 600 people capacity, brands stand will be opened for interest of visitors in Congresium Complex where fair biggest fair center is located. Prestigious company and brands will have the opportunity to meet with Ankara People in fair area which will be opened during AMF process. There will be photograph and picture art exhibitions which will be organized with contributions of our successful photograph artist Mustafa Seven

Young People come into camp with their successful models

Being aware that most valuable capital of Ankara is young people AMF will include a special platform which will have promoting, training sessions for young entrepreneurs and university students. It will direct future of economy and young people who will be creator of successful brands and leading names of brand world will come together in Brand Leader of Future Camp. AMD Days will turn into real festival for participants by concerts which will be given by SERHAT KILIÇ and ERKAN KOLÇAK KÖSTENDİL.

Brand Festival which is New Tradition of Capital

Together with assertive goals and future vision AMF will be start of new tradition for Turkey and Ankara by participation of executive managers of leading companies, international representatives, academicians experts from ,brand, advertisement and communication world.


Abdurrahman Güngör

General Manager of Hacettepe Teknokent

Abdurrahman Güngör

He was born in Ankara in 1978
He has attended to international relations program in Near Eastern University. Then he made doctorate in graduate and sociology area in public administration area. Recently he attends to doctorate in Social Studies in Moskova State University
He is chairman in technical committee in Digital Games Federation Community and member of management board in Ankara Platform.
He performed office vice general manager in Hacettepe teknokent for a while. Recently he works as General manager in Hacettepe teknokent
Title of Subject: Domestic Automobile in speed lane

Ahmet Çalık

Çalık Holding Chairman of Management Board

Ahmet Çalık

Çalık Holding Chairman of Management Board
Ahmet Çalık is founder and chairman of management board of Çalık Holding which is one of leading group of region and Turkey. Çalık has started his business life in family company which has commercial activities since 1930s. Çalık has established his first company in 1981 with his first attempts. He has carried his experiences to abroad beginning from 1992 and put signature to important investments in energy, construction, textile, mining, telecom and finance sectors and combined all his companies under çalık Holding roof in 1997. Recently it provides employment for 27.000 people by its 24 group companies and he was honored with Republic of Turkey order of merit, Order of Merit of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Order of Merit Turkish Grand National Assembly, Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Japanese Matsumoto University of Dentistry honorary PhD., Tiran University Honorary PhD for its contributions for enriching geography and to welfare.
Title of Subject: How did I do? What should be done?: Diary of an Entrepreneur

Ali Yücelen


Ali Yücelen

He put stamp to TÜGİAD …
He was born in 1974 in Anamur Town of Mersin City yılında Mersin
He was graduated from Bilkent University business administration. He continues to doctorate program in Ankara University Faculty of Politicaş Studies in addition to master education about finance in George Washington University.
He worked as Research Assistant Expert in Competition board. He worked as inspector in İş Bankası Supervisory Board.
Yucelen performed membership of Tugiad Management Board, TUGIAD Cukurova Branch Coordination between 2010-2012; and was assigned in several international organizations during his 14. And 15. Period Management Board Chairmanship. He resigned from his chairmanship office in TUGIAD in 2015 for entering to politics.
Recently Yucelen executes offices of chairmanship of executiveboard for company which he has founded and Chairmanship of TUGIAD High Supervisory Board.


Title of Subject: Cross Border Notes for Young Entrepreneur
Speech Content: To be young entrepreneur, young entrepreneurism and organization, review for problems of entrepreneurs about expanding grade, role to be undertaken by young entrepreneurs from being average to branding

Aslı Eren Şengezer

Group Category Marketing Manager

Aslı Eren Şengezer

She was born in İstanbul İn 1972. She was graduated from Uludağ University Economics Department in 1994.

She started her career in 1994 as brand manager in Sezginler Gıda

In 1997 She continued her career as Brand Manager in Sagra Gıda for specialization in Chocolate. She started to work in Sanset Gıda in 2007 since there was hand over in Sagra Gıda where she was working as Brand Manager. Recently she works as Group Category Marketing Manager in Sanset Gıda.

Subject Title: Brands of which flavor are still in lingers

Speech Content: Success secrets for Tadelle which launched in Market in 1980s and which is still lovemark in 2015 despite all competition conditions. How steps for Tadelle were taken related to being youth brand and what were the results?

Aslı Yaşasın
Founder and General Manager

Aslı Yaşasın

 Aslı Yaşasın, is the founder of first   e-commerce site of Turkey  for house decoration

She was born in İzmir in 1982

She has completed his undergraduate education in International Relations and Master Education in Business Administration field. Company which was established in 2010 has undergone through three investment process series and she has founded e-commerce website which grows annually 70% which is included in successful investments of Doğan Online  exhibits 150 thousand products in furniture decoration field.

Subject Title: Stores without signboards: Electronic Commerce

Speech Content:  Birth of and sector variables in electronic commerce…

Ayhan Sicimoğlu

Musician, Television Programmer

Ayhan Sicimoğlu

Cool drummer of Tarsus American from College years

. Rhythm has brought him to play with Miguel Serigidies in England in university years and then famous White Funk group of London kokomo.

He worked in La Banda del Sole group in Rome for 2 years. He stayed in New York for 7 years and became haunter for latin clubs and radios.

He participated to Berklee School of Music World Percussion and North California Humboldt State University Explorations in Afro-Cuban Dance and Percussion

Sicimoğlu, Ayhan Sicimoğlu & Latin All Stars   He addresses to both our eyes and ear with his performances and television show.… In addition to perfect musical identity Ayhan Sicimoğlu is very successful tv programmer who became phenomena in Turkey…  He carried different tastes and flavours of world to screen with his program Colors with Ayhan Sicimoğlu“ for long years.

Subject Title:  Do Best Whatever You Do : Personal Development

Speech Content:  Personal development of percussion master who became successful whatever he did. …

Ayşenur Aydın

Corporate Communication Manager

Ayşenur Aydın

Ayşenur Aydın was graduated from erenköy High School and then İstanbul University  Faculty of Communication in 1990. She gave a break for her journalist life where she worked as economy journalist in Dünya Newspaper with offer she has received from Image which is one of first public relations in Turkey. After five years in Image and Strategy Promotion Organization company she worked in LC Waikiki (Tema Tekstil), and Capitol Shopping Center as Management for Press and Public Relations for adding corporate experience in addition to agency experience. While she was Vice General Manager in Pro İletişim Danışmanlığı she started to work in OPET Petrolcülük A.Ş. in 2006. Recently she works as Corporate Communication Manager in OPET Petrolcülük A.Ş. She is member of TUHID management board and Corporate Communication Professionals Association. She is married and mother of girl.  

Subject Title: What is this Love Mark?

Speech Content:  Most loved fuel company of Turkey, unchanging leader of Kalder Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index, sustained success and Superior Success prize owner, Unconditioned customer satisfaction understanding under title “Journey to Perfect” for OPET which was selected as leader within scope of 2014 Lovemarks of Turkey…

Barış Ekinci

Sinpaş GYO
Vice Manager who is responsible for marketing

Barış Ekinci

Sinpaş GYO – Vice General Manager

He was graduated from Marmara University faculty of Communication in 1999 and had master education in Advertisement &Promotion Department in Same University.

Ekinci who has started his career in Demir Doküm in 1999 at Advertising Department has performed advertising campaign, corporate identity works and sponsorship projects. Then He worked in Cenajans Grey, Advertising and Kum Saati and similar agencies.

Barış Ekinci has become Advertising and Public Relations Official within Sinpaş Yapı Organization in 2004 and continues as Vice General Manage who is responsible from Marketing and Corporate Communication. Ekinci is member of Capitol CMO club and Tühid

Subject Title:  Real Estate Marketing and Innovative Practices in marketing

Speech Content:  You should have strategy if you are not  the only brand selling product or service. What do you do the best and how do you do is hidden in your brand strategy….

Behzat Gerçekler

Founder and Chief of ENBE Orchestra

Behzat Gerçekler

Behzat Gerçekler was graduated from Ankara State Conservatory  Piano and wind instruments in 1987. He has completed his master education in İstanbul State Conservatory

He has studies in Paris about modern music and ethnical music.

. He worked in İstanbul State opera and Ballet for 9 years. He was awarded with Golden Butterfly –Altın Kelebek in 2008 with his first pop music albume.

He performed concert with Barry WHITE, Richard CLAYDERMAN, Placido DOMINGO, Luciano PAVAROTTI , Monica MOLINA , Jose FELICIANO, Gloria GAYNOR, Patrizio BUOANNE, Stas Mihailov, Alessandro Safina  and similar world stars within country and abroad.

He was honored with being first Turkish artists who performed in Moscow Kremlin Palace in 2013 as wells for presidents of Italy and Kazakhstan.

Subject Title:  How to challenge with competitors. Management of Competitions

Speech Content: . He shared same stage with all artists in Turkey. How did he manage ruthless fight between artists? Where is the secret of ENBE?

Buse Terim

Blogger and Fashion Advisor

Buse Terim

She was born in İstanbul in 1990. She was graduated from New York Fashion Institute of Technology, Fashion Marketing and Purchasing Department in 2011.

She implements innovative projects in social media, content creation digital marketing and fashion areas for brands in BT Moda where she is founder and performs fashion consultancy for brands and institutions. Also she is creator of Buse on the Go fashion application and woman-fashion-life portal

She is considered as inspiring names in the world and selected in juries determining trends. She was  WGSN Global Fashion Awards Jury in 2015

. Buse  Terim has founded her own TV channel and shoots her own videos in Youtube TV channel. Buse Terim youtube channel has reached to 60 thousand subscribers and 2 million views in 3 months.

Subject Title: Over Same line with world: DeFacto

Cüneyt Asan

Founder and Managing Partner of Gunaydın Meat Restautants

Cüneyt Asan

Fastest butcher of the world. Professor in Ordinary of Meat. He adds innovation to meat and slaughtering. Growing speed with Günaydın is sparkling

Cuneyt Asan who was born in 1959 in Erzincan is a butcher since almost he was born.

He did not go to school but his success story is told in best universities of Turkey.

He put the name for Günaydın brand name after being inspired from Günaydın newspaper which is sold with great numbers for that period.

He has founded meat manufacturing farms in Tekirdağ-Malkara, Balıkesir-Gönen for producing his meat by himself.

He is within giants of Turkey in restaurant sector together with its 45 branches and 1 central logistics which were founded by his own capital.

He does not leave the first order in selections of best 10 restaurants.

Subject Title:  Everything has started with sound of “Günaydın-Good Morning”…

Speech Content: . Story of Fastest butcher of the world, meat professor of our country, doyen  butcher, business man Cuneyt Asan who has brought innovation  to butcher profession

Derya S. Palamutçuoğulları

vice chairman who is responsible for marketing

Derya S. Palamutçuoğulları

One of the most powerful names of marketing

. She was graduated from Middle East Technical University Geology Engineering in 1992.

In 1996 she completed her MBA education in Boston Suffolk University. She has started her professional business life in same year in Gillette Company and she became Western Europe Marketing Director in Procter&Gamble company in 2004. She continued to work as marketing General Manager within Ülker organization and provided consultancy services about marketing strategies for brands which are located under Yıldız Holding organization.

. She works in De Facto since March 2015 as Company Marketing Officer (CMO) who is responsible from marketing.

Subject Title: Over Same Line with World: DeFacto

Speech Content: marketing Strategies and De Facto Model…

Dr. Ömer Deveci

General Manager of Şikayet Var

Dr. Ömer Deveci

He took off White apron and founded “şikayet var” which was first in the world…

He had medicine education in Ankara Gazi University faculty of Medicine and then he has completed expertise education in same university.

Deveci has worked in private hospital and clinics during his education and he founded his own clinic in 1998 which provide Out patient service in Ankara. He worked as head physician until 2011 and he closed his clinic for allocating more time for Şikayetvar. He left physician profession after this date.

. Deveci founded şikayetvar in 2001  which was the first in the world as it is in Turkey.

In 2011 he became head of Şikayetvar and still he actively performs this office.

Subject Title:  Customer is challenged with satisfaction

Speech Content:  Obligation of Şikayetvar which provides meeting of brand with consumer in an unfiltered environment to direct its works for establishing closer relation between brand and target audience in competitive environment and evaluate feedback coming from there.

Elvan Oktar

Founder partner and vice chairman of Çocuklar Gülsün diye Derneği For providing children smile

Elvan Oktar

She has business administration education in De Anza College in America. She was graduated from METU Business Administration Department in 1992.

She worked as Human Resources Expert in Revenue Canada, Canada

In addition to working as General Manager in STRATEJI MORI

. She worked as advisor and then  vice general manager in GFK Turley  and founded ERA research &Consultancy together with her partners who she had worked for a long time.

She lectures research course in Bilgi University Faculty of Communication

She is member of TÜAD (Turkey Researchers Assocition) Management Board

Subject Title:  I am brand. I am aware of my social responsibilities

Speech Content:  How social responsibility projects achieve success. What did we do for providing children to smile  ?

Emrah Kaya

Youth Holding
Chief Youth Officer

Emrah Kaya

He has founded greatest youth company of Europe.  He entered into best 10 entrepreneur of World.

He was born in 1979 in Ankara. He has complete Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration, Business Administration Program in English.

In 2001 he founded Turkey’s first youth marketing company uniclub. Kaya who is expert in marketing communication, youth communication has founded Training Career Institute in 2002 for university students and young professionals.

Over passed 14 years Kaya has concentrated over digital pr and laid foundation for Youth Media and collected his companies under youth holding organization.

In 2010 he was selected as Global Endeavor Entrepreneur and also he was entered into best 10 entrepreneur of Europe in European Business Awards in 2011 and awarded with Ruban D’ honneur . In 2012 he entered into Global Partners of Harvard Business School by Youth Holding.

Subject Title:  Examination of Turks with Digital Marketing

Speech Content:  How idea of creating brand which is suitable with lifestyle, habits, and trends appeared?… How should youth market oriented marketing should be implemented.

Ender Merter

Producer of Reklamaraksı TV Program, Presenter / Advertiser

Ender Merter

He was born in 1960, in İstanbul. He had Fine Arts and Business Administration education and started professional life in 1979 during school years. Later he has undertaken several tasks in TRT at dubbing, advertising and broadcasting areas.

He is founder of Advertising Foundation and member of management board, lifelong honorary member of Advertisers Foundation, Member of Advisory Board of Marmara University Republic Museum/Lecturer and Producer and Presenter of Reklamarkası TV program.

Last book of Merter who has eleven books has the title “Reklam Ustaları-masters of Advertising

Subject Title:  Brands of which taste are still in lingers

Erdil Yaşaroğlu


Erdil Yaşaroğlu

He was born in 1971 in İstanbul

Before he was 20 years old He was awarded with approximately 30 prizes in caricature contests which he was participated within country and abroad.

He has graduated from Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, Sculpture Department.

Firstly  yaşaroğlu  started to draw in Guneş Newspaper in 1989 and started to publish Komikaze corner in Limon magazine in same year. Later he drew in Leman magazine and founded Penguen Magazien in 2002 together with his friends.

Number sales for his 20 books which he published on Komikaze series exceeded 1 million. . page which was being published since 1999 is visited by 500 thousand people in a month.

. He prepared approximately 50 TV programs between 1990-2002. We can mention some of them such as Çılgın Bediş, Beyaz Show, Televizyon Çocuğu

He has entered to Guinness Book of Records by drawing greatest caricature over 12 thousand square meter area in 2010

Erdil Yaşaroğlu still draws in Penguen Magazin and Super Penguen where he is founders

Subject Title:  Masterpiece brands of master of brands


Eric Weaver

Weaver Global Advisory
Managing Partner and General Strategist

Eric Weaver

ERIC WEAVER is a veteran marketing executive who has helped build awareness, revenue and loyalty for household brands around the world. Over his 25-year career as one of the very first digital marketers, Eric has helped numerous Apple, BMW, eBay, Ford, GE, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, the Mayo Clinic, Procter & Gamble, RCA, and the Clinton Administration and many others innovate using the latest digital technologies.

Recently, as an officer for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, Eric counselled global brands on measuring the performance and ROI of social advertising, content and engagement.

Eric gives back to the industry as an adjunct or guest lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley, Pepperdine University, Dublin City University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Washington, and the National University of Ireland.

He has been twice recognized as one of the “Top 50 Marketing Thought Leaders Over 50” by Brand Quarterly.

Subject Title: Great crisis for Social Media

Speech Content: Running a high-performing brand social department requires a new look at process, tools and measurement – an approach that provides financial impact metrics that justify costs. Former Mediabrands’ Chief Social Officer Eric Weaver will show real-world examples of what is happening to brand social efforts, discuss practical approaches to process, and examine new tools that show the fiscal impact of being a social brand. Attendees will walk away with new approaches and tools to consider for 2015.


Fikret Ercan

Hurriyet Newspaper Publication Director

Fikret Ercan

He became journalist for four times. He is one of the first names which comes into mind when doyen is mentioned in Journalism

He was born in 1947 in Sivas.

While he was having education in sociology department in Faculty of Literature He started to his profession Yeni Gazete which was published by Hurriyet.

He continued to journalism I Hurriyet after finishing university. He always performed responsible management in editorial office after 1980 after working as editor, page secretary and reporter

Recently he works as edition director in Hurriyet newspaper. He was awarded as journalist of year four times by Journalists Association

Subject Title:  How to challenge with competitors. Competition management.

Speech Content:  How should brands use media

Fikret Orman

Beşiktaş JK
Chairman of Management Board.

Fikret Orman

Fikret Orman was born in İstanbul in 1967. He has completed elementary education in Işık High School and higher education in Yıldız University and USA Florida University. Fikret Orman Who is one of partnets of Esin yapı has chairmanship and membership n Industry, tourism and Construction Sectors. Fikret Orman knows English

Subject Title: Beyond a club: Beşiktaşk

Gökhan Türkmen


Gökhan Türkmen

He was born in İstanbul in 1983

He met with guitar in 1997

He was graduated from Kocaeli University Industrial management department in 2003.

He put his signature to tens of music pieces

He had great success in his albume called Biraz Ayrılık- A little Separation which was launched by middle of 2010 march and he has become one of artists which is played in radio and music channels and artists which has the most prizes of year.

Last album of Gokhan Turkmen which was recognized very much “ En Baştan- From the Very Beginning” had debut sing called “Çatı Katı-loft” had number of views more than 50 million.

He founded his own production company under GTR Muzik Title by early 2015.

In 2014-2015 he had numerous awards in  Best male Artist and Best Album category by universities in 2014-2015

In 2015 He made duet in Korkak- Scary song “ of which composition belongs to Aytaç özgümüş and lyrics belongs to Aslı demirer.

Korkak sing was crowned with a clip having film taste.

Artist who was recognized very much by consecutive clips and his plays in these clips will start new album works by 2016.

Subject Title: Photographs singing song, Sings having phptpograph depth

Speech Content:  Every art branch forms the beauty according to itself, its opportunitir

es. Some engraves wood, some mixes paints, some plays with words but objective is common. If you find anything in work’s entirety actually from yourself, if you intimately think that it is beautiful, unpreventable share desire occurs then it can be considered that you add your soul to that work.

Graham Hales

Graham Hales Consulting Founder and Brand Advisor

Graham Hales

Graham Hales a highly experienced brand consultant having spent 18 years working for Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy on many of their most high profile clients.

His roles at Interbrand included CEO of Interbrand London, Mumbai and Amsterdam, as well as becoming Interbrand’s first Global Chief Marketing Officer. He also oversaw Interbrand’s offer in Turkey, working with leading Turkish brands such as Turk Telekom and Efes.

In 2015 he set up Graham Hales Consulting, sharing his experiences with a select group of companies. He helps businesses grow by strengthening their brands, inside and outside the business, whilst maximising the value and role of the brand to the organisation.

He is a special advisor and guest lecturer for Cass Business School, a leading Business School located between London’s thriving financial and tech hubs.

Subject Title: What is the thing making this youth such valuable: Marketing for Z generation

Güray Gürsel

Burusvilis (burus vilis company founder)

Güray Gürsel

He was born in Erzurum in 1976. He won Osmangazi University Maths department but he left school at the end of second year. After performing as musician in several spaces for a while he went Bodrum from Eskişehir and started to work there. Then he has left to be musician and he performed hotel management for a while. By the end of 2006 he came to İstanbul for Holida and started to work in Creavidi film company. He worked as sound designed in many advertising film and movie called Nefes: Vatan Sağolsun. In this process he worked as haberturk Blog writer. During 3 years period he has interpreted the twitter agenda for Power Morning Team in Power Fm. Burusvilis who is still writing in GQ Turkey has founded a company under Burus vilis company  which aims to bring brads and artists together.

Subject Title:  Aphorismic Phenomenas in Social Media

Speech Content:   Use of artist, celebrity, phenomena or blogger by brand in social media projects

Facebook, twitter, instagram. And then?

Who should follow me?

Güven Borça

Markam Founder Partner and Manager

Güven Borça

Brand Advisor

First Brand Advisor of Turkey…

He was born in 1962. He was graduated from METU Industrial Engineering in 1985. He performed marketing management in İpek Kağıt (1987-1991) and Colgate-palmolive company (1991-1997) after working in family company for one year. He is working as freelance since 1997. First brand advisor of Turkey. He makes speeches for brand and marketing, gives training. His seven books were published. Most well known is “ Can a world mark be launched from these grounds? He is founder of Markam A.Ş. www.

Subject Title:  Advises from Brand Pasha to Grandsons

Speech Content:  Can a world brand appear from these grounds?

Haluk Bulucu

FNSS Advisor of General Manager

Haluk Bulucu

FNSS Advisor of General Manager

Haluk Bulucu is graduated from Middle east Technical University Mechanical Engineering (Master Education). He worked as lecturer in mechanical engineering department in advanced mathematics and gas fluid dynamics, power plant economy.

. He worked in construction sector as design engineer, project engineer in construction of steel manufacturing plants, power plants, petrochemistry, petroleum pipelines, artificial fertilizers  as construction site manager, factory manager and general manager.

Haluk Bulucu started to work in FNSS in 1991. He worked as project manager, marketing and strategy manager and offer manager and has undertaken consultancy offices.

Bulucu who is one of active actors of Turkish Defense Sector is the head of Strategy Group of SASAS. Also he orks as vice chairman of TOBB.

Representing Turkish Defense Industry he continues to work in several organizations having activity in Brussels

Subject Title:  Powerful brand of region in Defense Industry “Ankara” Future aims and techno Innovation

Haluk Kalyoncu

Deputy Chairman of TOBB Higher education assembly

Haluk Kalyoncu

Vice Chairman of Kalyon İnşaat management board

Deputy Chairman in Hasan kalyoncu University Fiduciary Committee

Haluk Kalyoncu was born in Gaziantep in 1983 although in deed he was from Trabzon. He has completed primary and elementary education in this city. He has completed higher education in  Political Studies undergraduate education in Bilkent University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Studies. In 2008 he undertook  active tasks in works for foundation of Gazikent (Hasan Kalyoncu) University. He finished master education in International economics and Politics fields in Kingston University. He undertook business development, financial management and membership of management board in energy and construction companies within Kalyon group organization. In 2014 he was selected to membership of TONN Higher Education Assembly Membership of management board and continues his business life as deputy chairman of Kalyon İnşaat management board and Deputy chairman İn Hasan Kalyoncu University Deputy Chairman of Fiduciary Committee.

Subject Title:  Innovations in Education in Turkey


Haluk Okutur

Founder of Simit Sarayı – Chairman of Management Board

Haluk Okutur

He has founded first bakery café chain in Turkey. He operates first and single bagels factory of world

 He was born in Gaziantep.  He had Business administration education in METU. He performed membership of management board in many non governmental organizations. He works as chairman of Management of Management board in Simit Sarayı Yatırım ve Tic. A.Ş since 2002.

He provides employment for 10 thousand people and serves for 650 thousand people, he provides world eat bagel. …

Subject Title:  How a world brand goes our from Turkish bakery?: Simit Sarayı

Speech Content:  World journey of Simit Sarayı of first bakery chain of Turkey which has started with a store in Mecidiyeköy

Hamdi Akın

Head of Akfen Holding Management Board

Hamdi Akın

He was graduated from Gaziantep University Mechanical engineering

In 1976 He has founded Akfen Holding which has activities in construction, tourism, trade and service sectors.

Recently he performs the office of head of management board of Akfen Holding and  TAV airport holding and Mersin International Port which are subsidiaries

Hamdi Akın; Fenerbahçe Sports Club Vice Precident (2000-2002), MESS – Metal Industrialists Syndicate  Ankara  Region Representatives Committee Chairmanship (1992-2004), TÜGİAD- Chairman of Turkey Young Business men Association Başkanlığı (1998-2000), TİSK –membership of Turkey Employers Syndicate Confederation (1995-2001), TÜSİAD –Membership of Turkey Industrialist Businessman Association Management Board

Subject Title: Entrepreneurism and Innovation : Success Story of Akfen

İbrahim Doğan

Head of Anadolu Jet

İbrahim Doğan

He was born in Ankara in 1980

he was graduated from Karadeniz Technical University

He worked in different units in Turkish Airlines AO Trabzon, İstanbul and Ankara Station directorates

He started to work as expert in Anadolu jet in THY AO Regional flight chairmanship and worked as Advertisement and Marketing responsible

. He worked as Anadolu jet Introduction and Marketing Manager between 2010-2012

Recently he works as Head of Regional Flights (Head of Anadolu Jet)

Subject Title:  Brand which provides flying over civilizations: AnadoluJet

İzzet Zakuto

Founder partner and COO

İzzet Zakuto

He was born in İstanbul in 12th October 1991. He is fourth grade student in Media and Visual Arts in Koc University. He worked as manager in That’s entertainment Organization company and sales department in Mekanist.

Together with Sercan Işık they realized that they want to work in mobile applications. Not passed too much, scorp become popular.

Scorp has become a revolutionist approach for meeting Turkish attempt mobile application and motivation and experience source for young entrpreneurs.

. Scorp has more than 1 million user by November 2015. Target is Germany and America Market

Subject Title:  Zihni Sinir Project for new generation:  SCORP

Speech Content:  New horizon for Turkey in applications. Does a new economy appears?


Kaan Karayal

Chairman of Management Board- Tatil Sepeti Com, DLT tourism

Kaan Karayal

Karayal was born in 1980 in İstanbul, he was graduated from galatasaray High School in 1999 and continued his education in ITU physical engineering. I n 2008 he was graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Open University, Business Administration Department

He started his business life in 1996 in Daltons Organization which he had founded with his partners in 1996.

He is one of founder partners and head of management board in DLT Turizm ve Ticaret A.Ş. which includes

Subject Title:  Examination of Turks with Digital Marketing

Speech Content:  Birth story of Tatil Seperi which is star of tourism marketing

M. Kaan Dericioğlu

General Manager of Ankara Patent

M. Kaan Dericioğlu

Ankara Patent Genel Müdürü

General Manager of Ankara Patent

He is the first name come into mind when brand and patent is mentioned. Doyen of intellectual rights.

Deputy  of patent and brand
Deputy of European Patent
Founder partner and General manager of Ankara Patent Bürosu Limited Şirketi
METU faculty of Architecture, Industrial Products Design Department Lecturer
TOBB ETÜ Faculty of Law Lecturer
TOBB Turkey Patent and Brand Deputies Assembly
Ankara University FİSAUM member of management board 
Ankara University Engineering Faculty, Physics engineering Department Lecturer
Ankara University Social Sciences Institute Intellectual rights High Program Lecturer

7 published books, hundreds of articles and tasks which will not be enough to be published here.…

Subject Title:  Brand protection shield against troy horse

Speech Content:  How should good ideas, projects which have become brands be protected. ?

M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu

Journalist, Author, TV programmer, New Generation Life expert

M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu

He took a step to media world which is his childhood dreams. He has communicated technology and trends in newspapers, magazines, web, radio and television

. He has activated content oriented 21 website and many digital projects.

He instruct courses in Next Academy which is master program in İstanbul Bilgi University where he is one of founders, generates content related to technology and trends and makes speeches related to trends

Subject Title: 

Good ideas are eaten fresh

Speech Content:  Every service become to resemble each other because of forcing by competition. Differentiation which is mentioned many times in previous period left his place to company, products and services which can not be differentiated. Life of companies within keeping breath competition is determined by technology. Under these conditions where should be concentrated on? What are the clues for existing under competition conditions changed by technology, to take attractions after getting out of leaders and as being different company?

Mehmet Kırali

Civil King Photographer

Mehmet Kırali

Traveller in Social Media…

He was born in 1970 in Bursa. He attended to Bursa Boy’s high school for elementary and high school education and settled to İstanbul for having education in Psychological Consultancy Department in İstanbul University. He worked in industrial cooling sector for 22 years where he has started his business life in first grade of University. Mehmet Kırali takes photo as being amateur for more than 20 years. He only makes social media projects and takes photographs for last three years. He writes travel texts in Marie Claire Türkiye and Conde nast traveller

Subject Title:  Aphorismic Phenomena in Social Media…

Speech Content:  Instagram which is a world where everyone inside it is a photographer. Why was it liked and rose so much?

Social Media Use of brand, country and cities

Mehmet Metin Okur

Founder of

Mehmet Metin Okur

He is getting awards over awards…

 He was graduated from Gazi University Electrical Engineering

His business life started with 3D animation in 1992 which even he did not hear its name before.

. Between 1994-2002 he worked over more than 2000 advertisement film, studio production and animation sections, he become partner in Marjinal company where he started as working freelance.

Media process which has started in Show TV in 1995 continued in Executive board in Show TV. He activated Acun Fİrarda Project and project was sustained for 3 years as partner

. In 2005 he founded Mobilarge company. This small scaled company has become a company serving for 47 TV channels after being partner with Doğan TV holding. He founded payby me in 2010 and then sold to foreign partner
In 2012 he initiated with his sister. He was awarded with most successful first startup project  which is given in Europe by Red Herring in Amsterdam in March 2013 and it was selected as one of most successful 100 startups in November 2013 in Los Angeles

Subject Title: Stores without signboard: Electronic Commerce

Speech Content: Growing Story of

Mehmet Tevfik Nane

CarefourSa General Manager

Mehmet Tevfik Nane

Mehmet T. Nane was born in 1966 and completed undergraduate Education in Bosphorus University International Relations Department. He continued his master education in Scotland Heriot Watt University banking and Finance department having full scholar and in 2013 he participated to Executive Manager Program in Harvard Business School

Mehmet T. nane worked in Türkiye Emlak Bankası, Demirbank, Demir yatırım in several units and have offices within Sabancı group organization such as planning, business development office deputy chairmanship, Directorship of retail group, General Secretary of Sabancı Holding

Nane which performs deputy chairman of management board and Teknosa General Directorate is still general manager of Carefour SA

Mehmet T. Nane who works as chairman of AMPD management bıard and FAPRA (Asia Pacific Retailers Federation) is also chairman of TOBB retail assembly

Mustafa Seven


Mustafa Seven

A photograph phenomena…

 He was born in 1974 in Sivas. His photo reporter career which started in Sabah Newspaper Magazine Group has continued in turn in Hurriyet Magazine Group, Gazete  Pazar, Milliyet and Lastly in Akşam newspaper where he works as photograph editor. Later Seven has directed his works for street photography where which he describes as witnessing to life.

He was deemed as worthy for many prizes in national and international contests by its photographs and participated to many common exhibition and festivals. In 2013 he opened an exhibition called Tek. He presented photographs in many locations and Seven uses Instagran which is mostly used in recent years. Photographer has entered within photographers in this area where he uses as personal portfolio field.

He has two books, first of it is Instanbul where he was compiled Istanbul photographs which was published in Instagram and second is Street photography which he was written for being guide foe beginners in working at street photography.

Subject Title: Singing Photographs, Songs having photograph depth

Speech Content:  Innovative movements in art..

Nejat Bilgin

Head of TAI management board

Nejat Bilgin

(E) Air lieutenant general

TUSAŞ- Head of Management Board

 Nejat BİLGİN He was born in İzmit in 1954

. He was graduated from Air Force School in 1975 and from Air Force Academy in 1986

. He promoted to General in 20012 and Nejat BİLGİN was retired in 2014 having lieutenant general rank

By 30 March 2015 he executes office of head of management board of TUSAŞ- Turkish Aviation and Space Industry a.ş.

Subject Title:  Powerful Brand of Region in Defense Industry‘Ankara’; Future Targets and Techno Innovation

Nesrin Ercan

Chairman of MİKA-DER management board

Nesrin Ercan

Nesrin Ercan who was born in 17.01.1948 was graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy in 1971.

She worked as Chief Pharmacist in Bayrampaşa State Hospital between 1971-1975. Later she operated pharmacies which were opened under her name.

She has ended her business life at march of 190 and introduced with 1992 in NGOs. She was deemed at worthy for award of Lions of The year by International  Lions Management  because of her project for Bolluca Children village

She worked as founder, chairman, special representative in several Rotary clubs.

In 2006 She performed Minik Kalpler Elele- tiny heart are hand by hand for children who have to live in organizations within SHÇEK. In 2008 she has founded MİKADER- Minik kalpler elele derneği- Tiny hearts are hand by hand association

Subject Title:  I am brand. I am aware of my social responsibility

Speech Content:  Contribution of Social Responsibility Projects over Brand

Nihat Odabaşı

Photographer and director

Nihat Odabaşı

He was born in Siverek-Şanlıufa in 1968

He was graduated from Kadıköy Anatolian High School and Istanbul University Business administration English department

While he was attending to university he worked theatre with Şahika Tekand and Tevfik gelenbe. He worked as author in several advertising agencies and prepared press campaigns. When university years have ended he founded his own agency Sanart. He found himself as photographer after he could not find a photographer in a set. He worked with many local and foreign famous names, brand and many magazines and he still continues to work

He put his signature to more than fifty clips as being director in addition to photography. His clips were awarded with many awards such as Golden Butterfly Awards, Kral Tv Music awards etc.

Subject Title:  Spelling book for creating personal brand and brand image

Nil Karaibrahimgil


Nil Karaibrahimgil

Nil who is daughter of Suavi Karaibrahimgil made her first composition I See clouds rain is coming while she was 12. She was playing guitar in piano in elementary school and started to play piano when she grew up a little more. She started to work as text writer in advertising agency called reklamevi A.Ş after school hours where Serdar Erener works. After graduating from Bosphorus University Political Sciences and International relations department she continued to work in advertising sector. She was deemed as worthy for Crystal Apple awards which is considered as Oscars of Advertising sector. She made advertisement music for many product such as Bellona, Trendy&Friendly Algida Products

Subject Title:  Inspiring Stories from Nil

Ozan Özkan

Head of Management Board in Manifesto

Ozan Özkan

He was born in İstanbul in 1971

He completed his elementary education in Saint joseph French High School

He was graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Communication Public Relations and Introduction Department

HE worked as marketing manager and then general manager  in Akkan İnşaat San ve Tic A.Ş. and then g

He  started his professional life in 1998 in a&b promotion company.

He worked as project director in Bersay İletişim Grubu in2001 and undertook office of general manager in Saydam PR in 2005

He become head of Manifesto İletişim Grubu where he founded together with partners in 2009

He founded Patronlar Kulübü bosses club in 2010

He still continues to work as head of management board in Manifesto İletişim Grubu

Subject Title:  Local Communication Strategies of Global Brands

Speech Content: effect of PR over creating brand

Özer Sata

General Manager of Mindshare Turkey

Özer Sata

General Manager of Mindshare Turkey

He was born in Germany in 1977;

He is graduated from Faculty of Communication,

He worked for Mediacom and Initiative Media for 5 years. He is in MediaShare for 13 years.

He received awards in Cannes Lions, Creative Media Awards, Felis and Crystal Apple and more

Subject Title: New Version in Marketing : Marketing 2.0

Speech Content:  new Horizons in marketing

Pam Didner

Content marketing Expert and writer

Pam Didner

Pam Didner is a content marketing expert, author and speaker. As a former Global Integrated Marketing Strategist for Intel,  Didner has led Intel’s Enterprise product launches and worldwide marketing campaigns. Pam Didner is a practical expert at creating successful global marketing plans that meet local marketing needs. Her new international book, “Global Content Marketing”, is the first to offer an accessible, comprehensive process to scale content across regions. Didner was selected as one of BtoB’s Top Digital Marketers in 2011 and 2012. ‘Global Content Marketing’ was named one of The Top 10 Marketing Books of 2014 by Inc.

She leads a boutique-consulting firm that trains, coaches and provides strategic guidance on audience development, messaging architecture, editorial planning, content creation, media buys and social media outreach on a global scale.  She also shares marketing thoughts at and contributes articles to the Guardian, the Huffington Post, Content Marketing Institute, and other publications.

Subject Title: Opportunity which is expected to be turned into advantage. New rules in marketing

Speech Content: Marketing has undergone massive changes since the first banner ad and online diary (now called a blog) in 1994, the beginning of search engine marketing in 1998, the rise of social media platforms circa 2003, and the initial mobile marketing efforts following the launch of smartphones in 2007.  New devices, search and various social media platforms also changed our communication styles and content consumption behaviors.

Pero Trivunovic

I AM brand director and founder partner

Pero Trivunovic

Pero Trivunovic is Group Partner and Creative Brand Director at leading experiential branding consultancy ‘I-AM’ with offices in London, Istanbul, Dubai and Mumbai. Pero believes in the power of design and its ability to make positive and lasting change to peoples lives. Over his many years in the industry Pero has taken part in numerous brand forums, design seminars, marketing events and creative workshops all over the world. Some of his more recent speaking spots include:

May Design Series 2015

Excel Conference Centre, Docklands, London

Topic: Braded Environments

British Chamber of Commerce, Istanbul

Brand Workshop Seminars, Salt Galata, Istanbul

Topic: Experiential Design

Best Media Info Forum

Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai, India

Topic: 360 Degree Branded Experiences

The India Design Forum

National Centre of Performing Arts, Mumbai, India

Topic: Place Branding

I-AM Design Sessions

I-AM Studios, London, UK

Topic: Multi Sensory Branded Design

With almost three decades of experience specializing in strategic brand development Pero has helped to rethink, reposition, express and build some of the worlds most forward thinking and most loved brands.

From conceptual thinking through to creative brand expression, Pero believes the best and most loved brands all know how to connect with their consumers on an emotional level. Pero believes the best brands all have simple stories to tell and all know how to engage with people in a very honest, human and direct way.

Before setting up and establishing ‘I-AM’ as one of the leading exponents of full 360 degree experiential brand design Pero worked for some of the biggest and best known names in the design business. The long list includes respected names such as Rodney Fitch and Company, The Conran Group and Wolff Olins where he conducted numerous brand identity reviews for well known brands such as Richard Bransons Virgin Group, Rupert Murdochs BSkyB Media Corporation, Rocco Fortes Luxury Hotels and the iconic Odeon Cinema chain.

From the super fast worlds of high street fashion and fast casual dining to the slow world of corporate finance Pero has worked on a strategic level for fnancial giants such as Barclays, HSBC, First Direct and Lloyds. At I-AM he was instrumental in rethinking, repositioning and restyling the new looks for Garanti Bank, Finansbank and IsBank in Turkey. Abbey National and Nationwide in the UK as well as Jordan Kuwait Bank in Jordan, Kapital Bank in Azerbaijan, Ocean Bank in Vietnam and Samman Bank in Iran.

In the fashion arena Pero has left his mark on Iconic global fashion brands such as Diesel, French Connection, New Look, and Ben Sherman. Whilst more recently Pero has worked with a number of leading fast casual food brands such as KFC, Chilango. Itsu, and Pod.

Subject Title: 360 Degress Brand Experiences

Prof. Dr. Melih Hulusi Us

Chairman of Istanbul Cerrahi Hastanesi management board

Prof. Dr. Melih Hulusi Us

He was graduated from Gülhane Faculty of Medicine in 1988 and  Prof Dr Melih Hulusi Us had professor title in GATA haydarpaşa training hospital heart surgery clinic in 2008

Recently he works in private and he is chairman of management board of İstanbul Cerrahi Hastanesi

In addition to being chairman of phlebology association he is also member of many scientific organizations.

He has total 149 publications consisting of 68 international and 81 national publications and he has total 147 disclosures which were submitted in several meetings.

Subject Title:  Regional and global branding in Health tourism

Prof. Stephan Braunfels


Prof. Stephan Braunfels

A city planner who whistles soul to  cities

 Prof. Stephan Braunfels 1950, Überlangen am Bodensee doğumlu.

Prof Stephan Braunfels was bırn in 1950 in Überlangen am Bodensee. He is son of famous german artist family.

He has studies architecture in Münchenet technische Universitat

He has founded his own office in 1976 in Munich

He made city plans for Braunfels Munich and Dresden in addition to hotel, residence and commercial buildings.

In 1984 he was awarded with Braunfels German Critics

. In 1984  Frankfurt Architecture Museum has organized Stephan Braunfels Munich projects for behalf of Braunfels

In 1987 . He was awarded with first prize in most magnificent and greatest project contest in Munics

In 1991 he prepared project for first high building in Munich

. After 2 years braunfels set his record and planned greatest assembly building of Germany in Berlin

Subject Title:  Brand diaries of an architect: Dreams related to city

Speech Content:  How brand city is created? Effects of branding over destination marketing

Renan Gökyay

Member of Nurus Management Board

Renan Gökyay

He was born in Ankara in 1964. He completed primary school education in Ahmet Vefik paşa primary school and Ecole Papillon French school

He continued elementary and high school education in Galatasaray high school. After graduation from Middle east technical University faculty of Architecture Industrial Products design department he has participated to management staff in NURUS AŞ which is family company. He put signature to many designs personally even by Design unit which was found by him and personally.

He instructs course in many universities related to design management and he participates regularly to Bilgi University Certificate Programs. He is member of jury in national and international design contests. Renan Gökyay who knows English French and Italian is recently works as member of Management board in Nurus Grubu and direct Nurus Design lab Department.

Samsun Demir

General Manager of Doğan Müzik Yapım A.Ş (DMC)

Samsun Demir

He was graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Law in 1985

He has completed master program in financial law in 1987 and completed master program

Later he has completed doctorate program for journalism and public relations

He worked as lecturer in İstanbul University Faculty of Communication until 2001

He started to work in Doğan Grubu in 2001

He was assigned to be general manager of Doğan Müzik Yapım DMC in 2006

He still performs this office

He is member of management board in Music Producers Profession Union (Mü-yap) and Doğan Müzik yapım A.Ş.

From 2006 to present day Doğan Müzik has increased its market share from 7.65 % to 29,70% and it is sector leader.

Subject Title:  Creating mountain from ice and getting volcano effect

Speech Content:  Creating brand is music market and innovative works

Selim Akçin

Hurriyet Newspaper magazine manager and Butterfly annex publication director

Selim Akçin

He was graduated from faculty of literature, Protohistory and Pro Asia Archeology

He worked in Hürriyet, Sabah and Yeni Binyıl newspapers

Recently he works as magazine manager in Hurriyet Newspaper and Publication director of Kelebek annex

Subject Title: Creating brand is music market and innovative works

Selim Sefada

Founder Partner of Map İletişim

Selim Sefada

He made name in entertainment and stage arts…

He was born in İstanbul in 1974

He was graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy

He was included in founder partners of MAP iletişim, İstanbul Çocuk Tiyatrosu, Istanbul Müze ve Sergi A.Ş., İstanbul Entertainment group, Aklıselin Alışveril Hizmetleri A.Ş.

He entered to every area where there is gap in stage arts in Turkey and become famous in this field.

Subject Title: New entertainment of families , Global Brands

Speech Content:  Secrets of entertainment and stage arts world

Selin Bozkurt

Manifesto CEO

Selin Bozkurt

She was born in 6 february 1975

Just after graduation from İstanbul University Foreign Trade and Business administration she had education about marketing in Cambridge Bell School in England. After founding his first company while she was 19, she worked in turn in tourism, management advising, brain hunting and communication consultancy and in different sectors.

She performs CEO office since 2009 when manifesto group was founded.

Selin Bozkurt,   is responsible for energies of  barındıran Manifesto, Corporate Events, Kurumsal İletişim A.Ş, Yeni Medya Ajansı, Cremano Wedding which include different synergies and abroad offices of Manifeto in Abu Dhabi , Dubai, Ras al Khamiaj, Erbil, Moscow and Cairo  

She carried her interest for new tastes for new tastes, new spaces to overseas and has travelled more than 59 countries until now and provides her experiences n art, history and gastronomy areas to be met with readers in Patronlar Kulübü and Bloomberg Business Week publications by saying sharing is the greatest pleasure.

She created Magnus Opus Art Platform Social responsibility project which provides meeting of leading brands of turjey with art. In addition to this, she is member of Mşka-Der, Yıldız Palace Foundation and HAKUT management board and she continues his works actively in these areas.

Selin S. Yıldırım

Chairman of Medical Tourism Association USA Europe

Selin S. Yıldırım

Selin Yıldırım has tourism and hotel management education  in Bilkent University and Business Administration education  in New Poert University. Yıldırım has started her career in tourism sector and worked in different positions in tourism sector for 11 years.

She performed management in entrance process of Manpower into Turkey market

She was awarded with Innovation in World Medical Tourism of MTA (Medical Tourism Association USA)

Recently she makes brand strategy consultancy for Tourism and Energy sector and Strategy, Investment and management consultancy in health sector

She is member of Health Policies Board in Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health

Subject Title:  Regional and Global Branding in Health tourism

Speech Content:  Brand countries in Health Tourism

Semih Saygıner

World Billiard Champion

Semih Saygıner

He Brought billiard into houses

 He was born in Adapazari in 12 November 1964. His interest for billiard has started in high school period.

He won the first prize in World championship which was held in gent in Belgium in 1994. He had the third rank in world classification by this success and set two world record.

He won the first prize in World Billiard Championship which was held in Antalya-kemer in 1998. He became champion individually in 1999 and in 2003 he brought championship to Turkey after defeating Greek Team in World championship in Germany in 2003 together with Tayfun taşdemir. He was in 1. Rank in world general classification for consecutive two years after being World Champion individually in 2003.

SAYGINER who become Turkey Grand Prix champion for 25 times and he achieved Turkey championship 14 times in 3 band, 10 times in Carambol, once in Cadre 47/2 and single band

Subject Title: 3 Band Brand Shot

Speech Content:  Despite success, continuous development for success, motivation, thinking great, to be yourself to creat difference, How game  is won, to be able to go out from comfort area, Innovation

Sercan Işık

SCORP founder partner and CEO

Sercan Işık

He was born in 19 June 1994. He is attending to Industrial Engineering in Koç University. Also he is attending to double major in Economy.

Speech Content: Aplikasyonlarda Türkiye’ye yeni ufuklar. Yeni bir ekonomi mi geliyor?

Together with İzzet Zakuto  they realized that they want to work in mobile applications. Not passed too much, scorp become popular.

Scorp has become a revolutionist approach for meeting Turkish attempt mobile application and motivation and experience source for young entrpreneurs.

Scorp has more than 1 million user by November 2015. Target is Germany and America Market

Subject Title:  Zihni Sinir Project for new generation:  SCORP

Speech Content:  New horizon for Turkey in applications. Does a new economy appears?

Serhan Ok

Goodjob brand consultancy founder partner

Serhan Ok

He was born in Kayseri. He was graduated from Bilkent University Industrial Engineering. After graduation he took steps for business life with brand consultancy sector

He became founder partner of Goodjob Marketing Management and Brand Communication Consultancy in 2011. Recently he performs works for creating, strengthening and managing  brand under Goodjob organization an

He has book which was published  in 2013 with title is the first brand Hz Adam- İlk Marka Hz Adem mi? He is author in marketing portal with title Brand Talks and he has assay/story blog with title Öykü Lafbazı

Subject Title:  Integration from top to toe:”Brand Personality”

Speech Content:   We have to rule basics of branding for learning branding. What kind of a need caused us to create brands and create with such manner? How can we use them for creating strong brands. Basics for our efforts we had spent for providing our brands to gain personality is caused because of our exploration of branding not inventing it. Elements which we had provided for our brands to gain adds value to brand within this framework.

Serkan Şedele

Photographer from 3 generations

Serkan Şedele

Serkan şedele who was born in 1975 in İstanbul grew up in a family which is photographer through 3 generations.

Serkan Şedele who has started photography career while he was 14, has started to work with his father Fehmi Şedele as professional and founded 101 Production together with his father Fehmi Şedele in 2000.

He started his professional career with industrial and still life photographs and then he became expert in fashion and advertisement photographs.

In last periods of his career Şedele concentrated over advertisement films, social responsibility films and short film projects and opened an exhibition called pleasure.

For 25 years he had almost no famous people that hid not shoot or advertisement campaign where he was not included.

Recently he works in 101 production company.

Subject Title: Photographs singing song, Songs having photograph depth

Sezgin Baran Korkmaz

Chairman of SBK holding management board

Sezgin Baran Korkmaz

Master of Company Transformation…

Chairman of SBK holding management board

Sezgin Baran Korkmaz was born in Digor Town of Kars in 1977

He has started  his business life in early ages and started his business life by selling the residences and vehicles which he had purchased with suitable prices after clearing legal liabilities over it by selling them at market price.

He applied this model to private sector. He developed a rehabilitation system. He started to buy companies who have difficulties for surviving and sell after rehabilitation.

Sezgin Baran Korkmaz is the chairman of SBK Holding Management board together with its local and foreign partners.

Subject Title:  Art of transforming opportunity for benefit. Bicycle kick for crisis.

Speech Content: Şirketler neden zor duruma düşer, nasıl kurtarılır

Şölen Altop Shafer

LEAP to Brand LLC
Kurucusu ve Başkanı

Şölen Altop Shafer

Şölen is a personal branding and executive coach trained at the Coach Training Institute. She is the founder and president of LEAP to Brand, where she works with her clients to create their authentic personal brand. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation which provides an opportunity for her to take an active role in the coaching community and invest in her continuous learning. By passionately working with her clients, Şölen helps them find a deeper clarity and direction in their lives.

Prior to coaching, Şölen’s professional career was concentrated in a manufacturing and retail company in Turkey for 15 years where she focused on operations, international sales, innovation and marketing. The company, Yataş, was originally founded by her family and grew to be a publicly traded company that is one of the leading brands in Turkey’s mattress and furniture industry. As the leader of the next generation, Şölen lead the company through a full rebranding and modernized its operations and product line. Leading with courage and an open mind, Şölen created new business partnerships with international companies and greatly expand the market share.

Şölen holds a Bachelor of Arts from N.Y.U and a Master of Business Administration from the Sloan School of Management at M.I.T. She is a frequent speaker at non-profit organizations and Universities and currently resides in New York City with her husband and young daughter.

Tanyel Demirel

Head of Buybox Management Board

Tanyel Demirel

He was graduated from Gazi University Business Administration Department. He has started his professional business life after start of private television broadcasting in Turkey in 2013 and has worked as General Coordinator, general Manager and member of management board in many television channels until 2000. He activities in Digital Broadcasting, Advertising Subjects in Turkey and USA New York City between 2001-2007 and realized political and commercial advertisements and provided consultancy services for many companies related to media communication and management. He worked as member of management board who is responsible for Turkey zones within Stroer organization between 2009-2010. In 2011 Demirel has started activities related to Direct sales and retail channel and he has undertaken Membership of Management Board who is responsible for retail sector in İlbak Holding.

Subject Title:  New  Job opportunity with new brand!

Speech Content:  Smart operation starting from Ankara Streets… It was not such easy to have its own job!

Vahap Munyar

Hürriyet Gazetesi
Yazarı ve Eski Ekonomi Müdürü

Vahap Munyar

He was born in Malatya in 1958. He completed his primary school and high school education in Malatya. In 1980 He has completed Journalism and Public relations higher education school which is affiliated with Istanbul economical and Commercial Sciences Academy

Starting from 1979 he worked in Anka Ajansı, Ulusal basın Ajansı (UBA), Dünya, tercüman, Hürriyet and Söz newspapers.

He worked in economy service in Milliyet newspaper for 5 years. He returned back to vice manager of Economy in Hurriyet in October 1992 and later he became economy manager which he will continue for 15 years. He started to his column together with this job.

He is working as deputy chairman in Turkey Journalists Association. He has undertaken founder chairmanshio in Media and Communication Assembly in Turkish Union of Chamber and Commodity Exchanges. He is still working as deputy chairman in assembly where he had performed chairmanship office for 3 years.

Subject Title:  Local Communication Strategies of Global Brands

Yakup Barouh

İlancılık Reklam Ajansı Başkanı

Yakup Barouh

Yakup Barouh who has completed Saint Joseph High Scool in 1961 had Marketing and Business Administration in Robert College Higher education school.

He has completed graduate education in same year and he realized a first thing in Turkey and wrote the first thesis in advertising field.

In 1967 he found Büro Pars which is known as Mc Cann Ericcson together with his friends. In 1971 he became partner of advertising agency which is the first in Turkey and was founde din 1909

He is member of IAA-TAAN- Advertisers Association- Advertising Self Inspection Board

He lectures Brand Management Course in Yeditepe University

He has book named DAHA DÜN GİBİ

Subject Title:  brands having flavor in our lingers

Yüce Zerey

Academician, Author, New Generation Marketing Expert

Yüce Zerey

He has completed English Economic MA and MBA master education in İstanbul Bilgi University after getting Bsc Economics bachelor as having scholar from London Schoold of Economics and completing Economy bachelor as having Scholar from İstanbul Bilgi University.

After working as marketing manager and lecturer within MBA programs in Bilgi University he worked as marketing and business development managers within Ulker organization. He was head of several projects which were implemented within scope of marketing within country and abroad for companies within and out Ülker group.

. Yüce Zerey took the decision for continuing his career after his career in Ulker worked as ecommerce and brand manager in Turkish airlines. He was responsible gor digital areas and global management of brand of Turkish airlines during his term of office.

Recently he still continues his professional life as interactive marketing manager in Coca Cola Turkiye, Central Asia and Caucasian Area and he is responsible for interactive marketing activities of all brands which are present in area.

He works as lecturer in Bilgi University for 14 years in addition to his existing marketing career and lectures course of marketing management, interactive marketing

. He writes weekly columns in Radikal Newspapr and CNN TURK in addition to academic shares and he is the author of book named The professional which was published by Doğan yayınları in 2014.

Subject Title:  Story telling in marketing communication

Speech Content:  Everyone grows by listening the stories of other ones. While story is at center of human life, it is not possible for marketing communication to be indifferent against story telling.

zBaşak Temel

Ankara Marka Festivali
Angora A Salonu Moderatörü

zBaşak Temel

Başak Temel is graduated from METU sociology department. She has founded IKON company which has activities for pr, project development, software and communication area for national and international brands in 2009 after having ten year experience in strategic planning, business development and project management in consultancy sector. In line with company works she has started broadcasting with her first tv programme where politicians and artists are guests.

In 2012 she started internet television broadcasting with Social Screen TV which was first in Turkey and still continues to provide services in press, web and new media introduction with programs which were prepared in turkey and abroad and works as presented and moderator in private and public activities. Başak Temel who supports many social responsibility was involved in Turkey introduction projects in America, France, Malta and Singapore an involved as theatre player ANGİKAD and Women theatre. And he ha organized 3 personal photograph exhibitions in İstanbul, Antalya and Ankara.

zMeltem Acet

Ankara Marka Festivali
Gordion Salonu Moderatörü

zMeltem Acet

Meltem Acet who is graduated from TED Ankara Koleji was graduated from METU Economics  department after having fifth rank. He completed MBA in METU business administration department and continued academic studies as research assistant.

Acet who has worked in economy and finance areas in England and USA, has worked as executive officers in companies such as GTECH, Turkcell and Vodafone.

She took step to media sector as working  as Strategic Planning Director in Fpx TV and  performed top level tasks. Acet took place in economy section in İrfan Değirmenci ile Çalar Saat TV program.  In A haber Se prepared and presented İşin Sırrı  with successful and known names of business world.

Acet who has prepared and presented several programs, writes column in Country life magazine and prepares texts, analysis and reports related to economy and business world.



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